Alessia is finishing her Honours BA in International Relations and Ethics, Society and Law at the University of Toronto.  Throughout her undergraduate career, she has engaged in research at the intersections of law, sociology, politics, ethics and history on a variety of domestic and international issues. Most recently, Alessia researched peace negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan Government for Trinity College’s Comprehensive Paper Program. 

She has also spent the last year in Toronto’s Regent Park as a student-researcher with Supporting-East-End-Neighbourhoods, studying best practices for trauma-informed community organizing and the enhancement of community health.

Alessia is a 2016 Queen Elizabeth Scholar, and lived in Guyana studying private-public partnerships with Indigenous communities. Last summer, she returned to Guyana to research the country’s decision to develop its offshore oil and gas sector and its implications for Indigenous communities. Alessia has been involved at U of T as a Senior Leader in the iConnect program, an Orientation-Week Leader, Senior Executive Editor at Mindful, and as an Analyst for the G7 and G8 Research Group at the Munk School. She is excited to work on the Hill this summer and learn more about how Canada’s Parliament can foster deeper connection among Canada’s diverse communities, and enhance its responsiveness to the needs of our most vulnerable.