Joudy studies International Relations and Ethics, Society and Law at the University of Toronto. She is interested in policy innovation, public-private partnerships, and global governance in a changing world. Joudy is drawn to Ottawa by a desire to learn about the foundations of national and international Canadian policy through practice, and to see how government can balance accountability to constituents with strides forward towards innovation and change.

Joudy has worked on reform of the humanitarian sector as a Research Intern at the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin. At U of T, she has been involved in research on Canada in Afghanistan, the evolution of the responsibility to protect principle in the Middle East, and G7 commitments on international cooperation to counter-terrorism. She is President of the Hart House Debates Committee and Head of Non-Resident Affairs at Trinity College. She is passionate participant in several refugee support initiatives, serving as an interpreter with Lifeline Syria in Toronto, and assisting with supplementary educational programming at Small Projects, an NGO for urban refugees in central Istanbul.