With the House having risen for the summer it has been a great opportunity to work on different projects as well as take time to attend fun events like the American Ambassador’s fourth of July party. While there is definitely less running back and forth from my office to Centre Block there has still been lots to do. The focus has been more long term and has provided me the chance to dig deep into certain files and look more in depth on the Finance Committee’s studies, as well as government finance in general. The Finance Critic file has been very busy this summer and having a hand in researching policy, and talking to stakeholders has been challenging and incredible. I have learned so much more about how government finance works and how it impacts my life, as well as the lives of all Canadians.

But it has not been all work and no play; there have been garden parties where we have met the Prime Minister, the leader of the Official Opposition and the leader of the New Democratic Party. We also attended the Riverkeeper Gala, which was a great experience where we learned about the amazing work the organization does towards keeping the Ottawa River clean, and met some other Ministers, journalists and Ms. Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau. Most recently we had a dinner with journalists and it was so interesting to listen to how journalism and politics intersect, and how they work together in Ottawa. These opportunities have provided a panoramic view of life in the capital and allowed me to experience all three major parties, while meeting the other people beyond Members of Parliament who make up the political scene in Ottawa.