Aaron Joshua Pinto was born in Bahrain and came to Canada with his family after the Gulf War. He recently completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts at Western University, focusing on International Relations and French.

Aaron’s avid interest in global affairs led to his selection as a Junior Team Canada ambassador on a trade and development mission to Central and South America, as well as a domestic mission to the Canadian Arctic.

Upon returning from a year’s exchange in Europe and a development internship in Central Russia, Aaron co-founded the Canadian Youth Think Tank, the first knowledge hub of its kind in Canada that publishes youth written articles and op-eds on national and global public policy.

Aaron is a World Vision Canada Youth Ambassador, a member of the Globe and Mail Student Advisory Board and a Junior Research Fellow at the NATO Council of Canada.

Aaron was elected as a City Youth Councillor and Co-Chair of the City Youth Council in his hometown of Mississauga and he was also selected to be Canada’s Youth Ambassador to the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe.

In October 2014, Aaron travelled to Ukraine as one of 90 Canadians to be an International Election Observer monitoring the Verkhovna Rada parliamentary elections. In the past, he has had the pleasure of meeting with Prince Charles and Desmond Tutu; climbed South Africa’s iconic Lion’s Head (during nighttime); and celebrated Christmas mass with the former Pope.

Aaron has most recently been recognized as one of 60 young people across the Commonwealth to receive the Queen’s Young Leaders Award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth this summer.

For relaxation, Aaron enjoys smooth jazz and a good read by the local harbour. In the long term, Aaron intends to pursue a career in international law and justice, and eventually in the Foreign Service.